Monday, September 24, 2012

Press Pause

My baby is getting really big and old and it makes me sad. :(
We're almost to her 2nd birthday (!!!) and I kind of just wanna skip over it. She can stay 23 months forever :)
I wish I could film every second of these toddler years and then show her later on how happy she made me every day. Where's my pause button? 

I catch myself watching her, thinking: She's really mine? I am so blessed.

She tiptoes. Everywhere.

She thinks my belly button is named Henry...

She can jump. Really high.

She just started potty training herself and says: "Mama, pot-tay"

And then she says: "Treep, mommy. Treep." (treat)

She could watch Finding Nemo all day, every day.

She says "Good job, mommy" when I wash my hands.

When we read books she points and asks "What's that?" to everything...

She refuses to say the number seven. Instead it is always "nemy". (idk??)

When daddy walks through the door she immediately says "Watch this, daddy!" and does a little hop and a skip. 

She would jump off the table if we'd let her.

She thinks the main purpose of our computer is to look at googled images of puppies.

She gives me this look out of the corner of her eye when she's doing something naughty. It's her "I'm- not-doing-anything-suspicious" face.

She loves "aipwanes & hewicoptoptuhs"
(yeah, that last one's "helicopters")

She says "yeah, sure" in a raspy voice to just about any question.

And I love her.
And she loves me too.