Sunday, August 28, 2011

Every 4 months, I get to see my LuLuBelle.

Here are some snaps from Lauren's visit so far.

- Lauren's been teaching me how to work my camera.
- She dyed my hair. And it turned red. Instead of brown.
- Chocolate Silk? Her favorite.
- We've been having notesshewrote meetings ;)
- We went to the Branbury to reminisce about our college days
- Annabelle took a huge liking to her Uncle Steve
- She also took a liking to flowers. In her mouth.
- But most importantly, the babes have loved seeing each other.
And just playing together.

We've had a great time together.
We love you Lauren, Steve, and Cole!
Can't wait til December.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

9 Month Annabelle

She's officially 9 months, and officially 3 months away from being a one-year old.


Well here's what she's been up to:
She crawls. Everywhere.
(Under the table. Under the desk. Between my legs. Out the door.)
She walks along the couch.
She pulls herself up next to me when I'm doing the dishes.
She climbs onto the entertainment center and pats the TV. A lot.
She moves. All the time.
She eats graham crackers. And would probably never stop if I wasn't monitoring the obsession.
She wants to eat whatever's on my plate.
She loves homemade baby food.
Especially pears.
She also choked for the first time yesterday. On one of those beloved pears.
Scariest moment. Ever.
She drinks TONS of water.
And she loves to be in water.
So, she's my water baby.

And her latest trick was taught to her by Grandma Lisa:
Waving and clapping.
And so far, it's my favorite!
Grandma showed her once, and now she does it all the time!
So adorable.

I know it could be confusing as to what she's doing in the above picture,
considering her hand is missing,
but you're right in thinking that she's waving ;)

PS: Little Munchkin Man came all the way from Texas
to celebrate Little Munchkin Miss's 9-month birthday!!
That's cousin dedication, right thurrr! ;)
The twinners have been having so much fun together,
and light right up when they see each other!

Here are a couple shots of them together:

Cole wasn't so sure about the grass in this last one! Haha.

We loved having you come stay with us Cole.
You're the cutest little Munchkin Man. Ever.
We love you so much.
And just wait, at Christmas, we'll be crawling together ;)
(if not, walking!)

Hugs and Kisses from Me.

And my mom and dad say hi too ;)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Going On Strike Part II:

Baby Girl's also decided she's way over eating baby food.
She'd much rather eat whatever's on our plates.
I could feed her people food all day long and she'd be the happiest baby in the world.
So her diet consists of: nursing, eating tiny bits of real veggies and fruits, and lots of screaming at baby food. She seriously hates the stuff.

However, on occasion, she'll take a couple bites of applesauce...

So I guess we'll make that transition from baby food to real food...

Baby Girl is ready for the real deal.

I can feed her anything but dairy, honey, and peanut butter, right?

Going On Strike!

Baby Girl has decided she's done taking naps!
It's like my 8-month old has suddenly matured and thinks she's a 4-year old.
Nu-uh Missy! You're still my tiny baby.
And besides, you only have 2 teeth. 4-year olds have ALL their teeth.

But when you get a face like this, it's hard not to rush to her side, swoop her into your arms, squeeze her and tell her she's the cutest thing in the world!

Any ideas on how to get her to take her naps?
So far she's just getting her way... ;)