Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Allred Reunion

This Sunday we had a big Allred reunion at cousin Tricia's house. I couldn't believe how many people showed up, and it was all for the long lost Cali cousins: Robyn and Jillian. Pretty much everyone was there, but my family :(
Jake and I did, however, represent us well :)
We got some fun pictures of grandma and grandpa with all their great grandchildren. (We'll be adding 3 more just this year!!)
We also snapped a couple shots of the pregnant ladies. Sadly, I'm just 3 weeks further along than Jillian, but also 3x bigger!

And here are some of the girls:

It was so fun to see everyone :)
I love you all!

Vienna Sausages

Dinosaur toes. Duck feet. Or just plain hideous.
Welcome to my least favorite feature on my body: my feet. And those sweet nicknames came from my little brothers (dinosaur toes), my mother (duck feet), and friends (Vienna sausages). They're tough little guys, having been harassed their entire life.
Oh, but their favorite memory yet:

Ashley Thay and I like to sit around,, talking about our pregnancies, and how much fun our little babies will have playing together. During one of these fun get togethers she suddenly gasped while pointing at my feet: "Oh Emma, your poor feet. They're so swollen!"
Were they? I look down, and sure enough, she'd seen my feet for the first time. My little dinosaur toes, not one bit swollen. "No Ashley, those are how my feet always look." Now "swollen" has been added to the long list of nicknames for my feet :)

Most people will get tummy tucks, nose jobs, or eye lifts.
You can bet your money I'm getting a foot job.

Now please, let Annabelle get Lauren's model feet!!

Kitchen Disaster # 55

I can't take full credit for this one. Dear sweet Ashley Thay was my accomplice this time. Remember that delicious homemade raspberry/peach jam? Well, we made it! It's homemade as in made in MY home. (I'm a little proud)
Sue and Ashley Kay taught us the jarring business this weekend. So sweet. However we only had time to finish canning half the peaches, so the newly-trained housewives got the honor. To finish the other half. A-L-O-N-E.

I could probably stop there, huh?

... Alright. So it wasn't the end of the world, and we were beyond proud when the first SEVEN jars looked like paradise. Truly.

The last seven jars were filled and ready to seal in the boiling pot, when !POP! a jar completely shattered in the water. Of course, we both screamed. Moaned. And groaned. :( We had to start over: Drain the water, clean the pot, keep remaining jars hot, reboil water... basically add 45 extra minutes onto this session :)

Thank you Sue and Ashley Kay for teaching us :) Next canning session however: not until at least next summer.

Kitchen Disaster # 54

I know I've made far more than 54 mistakes in the kitchen, but I'm trying not to beat myself up about it plus my memory's not the greatest these days (Did you know pregnant women develop a condition called "absentmindedness"? I told Jake that, and he concluded that I've been pregnant my whole life then......)

So, Jake's family came to town this weekend and being the good little hostess Red Lobster's trained me to be, I made them all breakfast: Delicious German crepes, scrambled eggs, and hot chocolate :) So yummy!!
We had tasty toppings such as Nutella, powdered sugar, peanut butter & honey, and the best home made raspberry/peach jam :) This little breakfast was HEAVEN!

As soon as everyone was enjoying their little piece of Germany, I decided to prepare the hot chocolate. The mugs are ready, chocolate packets bereit, and all we need is hot water :) With ladle in hand, I'm ready to fill the first mug. That's too easy though. Instead I pour the entire ladle of boiling hot water OVER my hand! Yup, I missed the cup.

What is wrong with me?!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


The ticket is bought, and I'm coming to Seattle in just about 4 weeks!! AHHHHHHHH! I am so so excited!! Am I nervous about going into labor on a plane? Naaah. Everything'll be just fine! (CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!)

Can't wait to see this angel baby who is now going on 6 months:

And this angel baby is already 5 years old. I just can't believe it...

And our little stud muffin. LOVE him.

I know I already posted pictures of these beauties, but I am just so excited to hold them I can't help but double post on them!


John Mayer for Birthday Jake

This year for Jake's 25th birthday he did some pretty great things: He ran his first half-marathon and went to the John Mayer concert!
He trained for months before the big race and did an awesome job! His dad, uncle Jon, and Aunt Jen ran it with him as well. Thanks for making his birthday such a special day!

He also requested a "baby-themed" party, so this is what he got :)

The John Mayer concert was INCREDIBLE! And we had some pretty rockin' seats. It was my 1st concert, but one of many for Jake and also his THIRD time seeing John Mayer. I think it's love.

Here we are with our double date Matt & T.

Right in the middle of it all. So amazing!

Oh John Mayer, you blew us away!