Friday, March 30, 2012

Jakey Daves & SueBelle

During our visit to Grand Junction last weekend I found this adorable tricycle in the backyard. I knew there was a baby picture of Jake somewhere on a similar little bikeWanting to replicate the same picture I plopped our little SueBelle onto the one I'd found.
What I didn't know is that she would look in the same direction as Jake's old baby picture, have the same little grin, and hold onto the handle bars pretty much the exact same way.

She is her daddy's girl!

Saturday night Sue snapped this sweet picture while we were sitting around the fire pit. I don't have enough pictures of me and my girl, so I'll cherish this one forever!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Girl's Weekend!

I got to come visit my GJ fam this weekend, and have had so much fun!
Ash and I roadtripped it Friday afternoon, and it's been a Girl's Weekend ever since :)
The #1 on our to-do list was to get some fun sister's pictures,
and hello pretty girls :)

Now I just need to find an empty wall to make 
a sister's collage out of. 
Which, currently, there are none. So I guess we'll be moving to a bigger place soon ;)


This last shot is one of my faves!
I love you girls so much.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


She's been playing in, around, and on top of this ottoman the past couple of days.
And if I've lost my keys, the remote, or my phone I know right where to look :)
Her favorite trick right now is to climb on top of the ottoman, stand up with both hands in the air and  do a face plant onto the couch.

Funny? Yes.
Dangerous and probably shouldn't let her do it? Yes.
But should I document it before I ban it? Double Yes.
Photos to come :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

There She Is!

We heard her walking around her room saying: 
"There she is! There she is!"
Turns out she was playing peek-a-boo. 
In her room. 
By herself.

Luckily daddy jumped in, and I'm 
 so glad I got these photos.
I love hearing them play together :)

We shot a little video of her saying some of her favorite words.
She loves to say:
 "I", then we say "love", and she sweetly says "YOU"!

     I love you too, baby girl :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cuddles & Books

Does it feel like this week has been one big long weekend to any of you? For some reason I keep thinking it's Friday, or almost Saturday.

And then my Zumba class reminds me: It's only Wednesday!

Regardless, this so-called "week" has been filled with lots of cuddles & books.
The girl has an ear infection, which means she's been super snuggly and lovey-dovey.

Hopefully she'll be feeling better by the real weekend.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Dinner at the Park!

Today was the best preview for what spring is going to bring:

Trips to the park, going on walks so she can explore, and lots and lots of pictures :)

This little boy ran around yelling: "Attack the baby!"
Luckily that just meant pat her on the head.
He also let me know she was going to be a girl. Just like me. :)

I brought her a peanut butter sandwich, but she was sneaky and ate bark instead!

She doesn't let me feed or carry her anymore. 
She only wants to drink out of a cup with a straw.
Her shaky walk is quickly turning into a run.
And whenever she's done something naughty, she quickly gives me a tight hug and says: "Aww!"

I have a feeling the terrible two's are gonna make my hair fall out.

But lucky for her those tight squeezes  can make up for just about anything she does :)

I'm Lucky.

A lot.
And seeing as how she's keeping her 4 month promise in April, I fully expect another visit in August :)

It's So Warm

It's so warm, we drove around with the windows rolled down.

It's so warm, we went shopping at Saver's. 
(ok, so we do that when it's cold too...)

It's so warm, we had frozen yogurt for lunch.

It's so warm, we're taking dinner to the park.

It's so warm, we're sleeping under the stars tonight.

Scratch that.

But really, it's that warm.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cute Mischiefs

She's a little rascal.
A sweet little rascal.

She throws her little arms around my neck and lays her head on my shoulder for a tender embrace.

She calls: mom! 
so that she can give me a kiss.

And every night before I put her down for bed I say:

"I love you.
Do you love me too?"

And she nods and says: yeah.

Melts. My. Heart.

So when I find that she's snuck into my room to have a snack party, it just makes me laugh and wonder what other cute mischiefs are in our near future. 


Discovery Gateway

We got to go to the Discovery Gateway Museum for Children this weekend.
If it weren't all the way in SLC, I think we'd go everyday.

Annabelle was in freedom-heaven.

She loved all the little kids, the toys, and most especially that she was allowed to do and go 
wherever she wanted. 

For 2 hours straight.

This museum is so amazing. It's like this mini kid's world.

There was a construction site:

Grocery store deli:

This adorable baby slide:
where she spent most her time :)

Lots of toys to push around:

And great places to get stuck:

I chased her around the whole museum snapping pictures. The lighting in there was so beautiful, 
and she just looked so adorable 
discovering all those new toys. 

I know I was driving her (and all those other mom's) crazy, though. I have about 154 pictures of the back of her head. 
This child will not look at the camera! 
I was kuck-kah-ing 
and making loud shrill noises. Even SCREAMING her name.

This is literally the ONLY picture I have of her looking at me.
She's annoyed.