Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cute Little Buddies

Grandpa stayed with us for a week and it was like heaven. I loved hearing Annabelle say: "Gwampa" anytime she saw him. And watching them play and laugh together made my heart so happy. 
He took us to get milkshakes almost every day, and during church he tickled her face with his pen. 
Just like he used to do to me when I was little. :) 
During our outings he'd always help her out of her carseat, push her in the stroller, or carry her on his shoulders. They became such cute little buddies.
This past week was such a perfect memory, I wish it could have lasted forever.
He left this morning, and it's always sad to see him go. This time especially since Annabelle doesn't understand where he's gone...
Thank goodness for timeless photographs and beautiful memories.
We really loved having you, Dad!
Can't wait til the next time.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Happy D Day!!"

French Toast with fresh blueberries.
Waking up to 18 balloons with 18 reasons why I love him.
(apparently there's some sort of helium shortage, say what??, so I couldn't get him the full 27
Breakfast in bed.
Annabelle singing "Happy D Day" down the hall.
Lunch at his favorite wing joint with his girls.
Annabelle gifting him a new chapstick since she always loses his.
And cake with good friends to end the night.

Those are some of the highlights of Jake's 27th birthday :)

It was a really fun day. He got a coupon book from me and already cashed in on his 10 minute back tickle last night. Haha. I have a feeling it's gonna be a long year with all those coupons.
He reminded me that one of them says THIRTY minute back tickle.
What was I thinking?!

Happy Birthday, honey!
We love you so much :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lemonade & Cookies

My activity day girls had a lemonade/cookie stand the other day. They all brought a plate of cookies and I made the lemonade.
It sounded like a fun activity, as long as we could sit in the shade.
I had no idea it'd be a BLAST and they'd put on a full-blown show for all of Carterville road!!
Seriously, they dressed up in costumes, and sang, and danced. They screamed at every passerby.
Which is probably why they made bank
One guy even bought a whole plate of cookies for like $5.00. Haha. Most expensive couple o' cookies ever.
The girls had a lot of fun, and I loved watching them rack in their $32.00! Which is going towards next week's pizza party with rootbeer floats and a water balloon fight.

I really love my calling :)