Thursday, January 16, 2014

Splash Pads

Running through splash pads became a real staple last summer and I'm sure we'll continue it through this summer. It's one of my all time favorite activities for the kids -- it's free, I don't worry about anyone drowning, and they always seem to be placed near an ice cream stand :) We went to Seven Peaks a lot last summer which was great (and crazy!!), but this summer I'll have an extra little person in tow so I think we'll just stick to the splash pads. Going to a full-blown waterpark with 3 babies and 2 arms will for sure make me go into cardiac arrest.

Water Giggles

We had a couple dry patches in our grass last summer that Annabelle didn't mind taking care of. It became part of her bedtime routine -- go outside and water the garden and grass. And get drenched. 100% soaking wet drenched. 
Every night didn't end with a water hose shower, but quite a few did. And looking at these photos I can just hear her screams and giggles -- she knew that if she put her hand over the spout something crazy would happen to the water and those moments created some real deep belly laughs. Haha.
It's amazing what a little water can do for a 2 year old.

Baby Green Thumb

She reminded me daily that the plants needed water, and those plants lasted a million times longer because of it. This was our first time actually being responsible and trying to own plants. Jake's uncle supplied us with some veggies from his greenhouse (pictured in the diaper box) that I planted into the ground. INTO the ground. They thrived, and I was shocked. That will be another post of its own, but we actually ATE vegetables from our garden last year. Say WHAT!

That pretty yellow flower plant was given to all the mother's on Mother's Day last year and Annabelle took such good care of it. //I really loved those flowers and hope to get lots more this spring.//

She loved filling up her water bottle and spending a solid 45 minutes on the porch drowning watering her plants. 

I'll put her in charge of the watering again this year and let that green thumb of hers expand. Maybe she can teach me a thing or two about keeping a garden :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


//Six-month old Henry, you are the chunkiest!! I love you!!//
Before he was a wiggly, crawling monster baby, he used to sit in his swing and watch me make dinner. And if he ever got fussy Annabelle would rush in and make him happy again. He adooores her. And I adore her too! She loves that baby boy like he's her own baby and is always so sweet with him. 
I'm thankful every day that my Heavenly Father sent me her to love and lookout for our Henry-Boy. And soon she'll have two chunky boys to love on :) //She might actually think this 2nd one IS her baby.// She asks me every day when he's coming out so she can hold him. 

I don't think there have ever been luckier brothers! :)

In Her World

Wearing every single tutu she owns.
Playing tea party.
Telling me her letters.
Dancing on her tippy-toes.
Jumping like a fairy on her bed.
Baking something yummy in her kitchen.

I followed her around with my camera one day so I could capture her little two-year old world. She was so happy and proud of herself to have situated all 4 tutus on her hip. And while watching from the corner of her room she'd occasionally offer me a cup of tea, or a deeelicious potato :) She was so content to quietly sit and play knowing I was in the same room. Henry must have been napping so this girl time was extra special. I love the way the sunlight hit those chubby cheeks so perfectly that day. 

She's my girl and I hope we can always share happy moments like these.

Boating in June

    ^^^ This face!! I die.

We didn't go boating a ton last summer, but the times that we did were super fun! Our good friend Drew took us out on Utah lake one Saturday and it was great. Well, everything but touching the bottom of disgusting Utah lake -- Haha. It felt like you were digging your toes into guts and brains. Seriously so gross. But I did get to go tubing with Lissie for the first time ever and that was a blast! Feels pretty good to just scream for 15 minutes non-stop sometimes. Haha. And both babies were lulled to sleep while jetting through the waves, so the whole day was pretty relaxing. I think we all enjoyed ourselves. Oh, and Henry's cheeks plus that lifejacket were pretty entertaining. //He may have thought otherwise though!// I'm excited to get back out this summer. I can't believe how blonde Annabelle's hair is in these pictures - I didn't realize how dark it gets in the winter until looking through them. I think we're all looking forward to some sunnier days!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy Father's Day -- 2013

First of all, yeah I know. I'm lightyears behind on my blogging. But I'm also noticing that the time I stopped blogging was just about the same time I got pregnant -- so it was to be expected... right? :)

Here goes!

Happy Father's Day, Jake! 

I remember getting up an hour or so early to make him this yummy breakfast - German pancakes, fresh whipped cream and strawberries, hash browns and sausages. (Yum -- I think I'm starving!!) We spent the morning enjoying it together and then headed off to church. I remember he even took wiggly Henry for the 3rd hour that day so I could enjoy Relief Society in peace -- truly a super dad!

That's not the only reason why he's super dad though (but really that hour of silence once a week is one of my favorite acts of service he does for me.)

After long days on set when I know he wants to walk through the door and collapse on the couch, he always makes sure to play with our babies. If they've already gone to bed, he'll often sneak in and hold a sleeping Henry for a few minutes. And I can't even tell you how many times he sneaks a dreaming Annabelle into bed with us cause he just wants to hold her. (Makes me a lit-tle crazy!!) He takes that sweet girl on daddy-daughter dates, which I know she loves. And so do I!

He's taught Henry to make car noises (cutest little boy noise!!) and how to make funny faces. Henry loves to pat his scruff and he always gives him the longest hugs. Those two truly adore each other.

I love listening in on him when he puts the kids to bed. He always sings their bedtime songs so beautifully and reads them books with such animated voices. He gives them horsie-rides to the bathroom to brush their teeth, and makes tents so they can cuddle and hide from "rombies" (zombies). //I assure you the kids don't know what an actual rombie looks like.//

He's taught the children to always thank me for dinner each night and take their plates to the sink - I guess at this point I'm just talking about Annabelle, but I know Henry will follow right behind her when he's ready. 

These all seem like such little things, but they've made all the difference to us as a family. I know he's a man of God and always listens to the spirit's promptings. I know he's constantly thinking of me and doing what will make me happy. I really love him!

He's an incredible daddy and my heart is full of love knowing that he's ours forever!