Monday, July 30, 2012

Locked Out!

We got locked out of our house last week. It was about 100 degrees outside and my car AC has gone MIA. 
Luckily Jake's co-worker was coming to drop a key off. Except they're working 100 miles away so it was still gonna be at least an hour. So first we shared a nice chocolate shake at the mall. And walked around Tai Pan day-dreaming. And after Annabelle's 5th fruit snack and her pretty much owning my shake we went home to wait. And wait.
Until I remembered we have a hose.
A hose with cold water.

Oh, haleluja.

She got drenched.
The key arrived.
And I snapped some photos.
And grabbed her a popsicle... ? 

Now that you have a food diary of my child for that day I'm starting to question my parenting. Holy moly.

I'm pretty sure she only got spinach for dinner ;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Picky Eater

It's probably because I've been an awful cook lately.
Or she's turned into a little bird.
Either way, she's picky.
I was just going over a list of things that she will eat:
and half of them don't count cause any kid will eat these.
quesadillas. spaghetti. mac n cheese. ramen. oranges!! beans. tomatoes. eggs w/ spinach. cheese. and rice.
and this week we added one more: corn on the cob.
I think she mainly likes it because of the way you eat it, and I'm pretty sure there's hardly any nutritional value.
But hey, it goes on the list!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fun with Papa!!

During our last visit to Junction, Annabelle got to spend an afternoon with her Papa. He took her out front and played with her in the sprinklers. 
She loved it.
While there, both Jake and I caught a bug and were down for an entire day. 
So baby girl got some good quality time with her Nana and Papa.
And once we got better, she wanted nothing to do with us. Apparently they're much more fun than we are...

Guess they're doing their job right. 

Lucky girl. :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Only Chalk!

I was just telling Lu yesterday that Annabelle's hit 
the Terrible Two's already. 
And her response was: 
"Oh Emma, you've been saying that since she was 12 months old!"

Oh, we have arrived.


At first she would just stick her little arm through the side and color on her chalkboard whenever her screaming wasn't getting her out of nap time. 
Which is great - I am all about expressing your frustrated baby feelings through chalk art.

Oh, but this?
We have entered a whooole new world.

I was sitting at the computer when I heard a weird scratching in the other room. It sounded like a toy car being driven up and down the wall. 
Wait, but my baby's a girl and doesn't have any toy cars??


Thank goodness it was only chalk.

PS: Notice her backwards pajamas? Yeah, we're still playing that game too. :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Family Vacation

We got back from our 1st real family vacation this week.
It was so lovely :)
Jake had just gotten done working on a 4-week long night shoot  when we decided to go. Mainly because we hadn't seen him for pretty much an entire month.
So a week long vaca was the perfect remedy :)
We drove to Vegas and did every kid-friendly thing there.
Like go to the Coke Factory. 
Which is where we learned that Annabelle loves shiny floors. And feels the best way to express that love is to get on her belly. Luckily we caught onto her, cause she tried to do this everywhere!

This next part is a really bad mommy-move. Ugh. I know. 
It's awful........
We let her try some Coke. 
From the Coke factory. 
Because it seemed fitting?
(I'm sorry, mom!!!!)

She hated it. And we paid for it later when she was eating napkins and crayons at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Sugar. Overdose.

We also went to the m&m museum. And my little Jakey-boy got a whole bag of expensive mini m&m's. Haha. 
It's worth it on vacation, right?

We hit up buffets, a shark reef aquarium, and did some shopping. We also took a nap everyday around noon with our girl.
We loved the fountains at the Bellagio. And shared banana splits in our hotel room. And went to the theater to see "Brave". 
It was Annabelle's first movie that she actually sat through. May have had something to do with the popcorn too :)
We learned that baby tans instead of burns. Haluluja. And also discovered that I will never go back to 108 degree weather while pregnant. It's just too yucky.
Luckily we had a nice pool to cool us off though.

Family vacation, I think we'll do you again :)

Our Fourth of July

We had just gotten back into town the day before the 4th, so I didn't think it would be all that exciting this year.
But then somehow a bbq got put together at our place with yummy German brats. 
(I've decided it's our new Independence Day 
tradition: German brats. Fitting, right?
And then Drew took us out on his boat to watch the fireworks from Utah lake.
Which actually sounds really fun and exciting, but then we got attacked by bugs. So then my patriotism died. And I didn't care about fireworks anymore. And just wanted to go home.
But before the bugs got there it really was fun. And I got cute pictures. And ever since yesterday I've wanted to add more red and blue to Annabelle's wardrobe. Cause they compliment those pretty blue eyes and big red lips so well :)