Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Still Breathing

The Sister's Blog has taken over my life! But hello -- it's sooo worth it!
I love that blog. It lets me feel like I'm with my sisters all week long. Even though we're so spread out, and one of us is on a completely different continent, I feel so much closer to them.

So I love my sisters, but I also love my little Annabelle and she has been ne-gleeected (In the blogging world. Only!)
She's still breathing, I'm still breathing, and this is what's been going on.

For starters, she's 7 months old. SEVEN months. Whyyyy? Will she really turn 1 in 5 short months? ... (OK, I am excited for that big bash - I actually already got her birthday card. It has a 3-D Koala Bear on it!!!) :D 1-year old Koala Bear Party? YES PLEASE!!!

She sits up. She crawls. And she has a tooth. Saaaay what? Yes, a tooth.
Her favorite foods are: squash, bananas, apple sauce, beef in beef broth (eew!), and sometimes carrots. She hates: blueberries & apples, and peas. (Which is just fine, cause I'll never make my kids eat those yucky green things.)

Remember when we went to Seattle, way back when? (last month.)
Well she slept in the car, the moment we arrived, on the ferry, and at Pikes Place Market....
(Hello, she missed the famous fish market?!)

... but woke up immediately upon entering into earthly heaven. ((H&M)). Which consists of playing toesies with your cousin.

Definitely heaven. :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Sorry, to those of you who tried to follow my links on my:
"Notes She Wrote"
post - I fixed them.
Seriously, check it out! Lu just posted a yoga vlog, and tomorrow Marie will post a Phototips Location post.
I'm super excited.

Army Crawl

Just this week, Annabelle's learned how to army crawl! It's the cutest thing :) I am a little nervous for the real deal, but it's fun to see her learn new things. Right now she's been obsessed with untying mine and Jake's shoe laces. Haha. And somehow she always double knots them... ;) Little rascal.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Notes She Wrote

Hey guys! My sisters and I started a blog together called: Notes She Wrote.
It's a blog about our different interests and hobbies. Marie posts on Mondays, Lauren on Tuesdays, I post on Wednesdays, and Lissie posts on Thursdays - and then we take turns doing vlogs every Friday!

I'm super excited about it and think it'll be an awesome way for us sisters to stay connected even though we're so spread out, and to share our interests with everyone. Come check it out here if you like photography, fashion, thrifting, cooking, music, dancing, diy projects, and tons more :)

Love you lots,


Friday, June 3, 2011

Aunt LuLu

Aunt LuLu's one of our favorite Aunties and here are a couple of reasons why:

* She's beautiful
* She's a fashion-diva
* She's an incredible mother
* She loves all her sweet nieces and nephew
* She gives the best surprises
* But what I love most is the incredible example she's always been to me...

We love you, Aunt LuLu!
And thank you for taking such beautiful pictures of my baby...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Isabella & Annabelle

10 days in Seattle was not enough for these two. Bella is the greatest older cousin - she was constantly kissing and loving on Annabelle. So so sweet!

Every time Annabelle woke up from a nap, or came home from a Good Will run (yeah baby!), or Bella had just been playing outside, she would race over to Annabelle and tell her how cute she is followed by lots of kisses.

Annabelle loved the constant attention and we both miss our Bella tons.

A Father's Love

Marie and Will went on their 7-year anniversary date last Monday night, so Ashley and I watched the kids. We were more than happy to babysit so they could have a night out! They decided to go to IKEA, dinner, and a movie! Perfect. They were really gonna take their time :)
When midnight rolled around, I decided to call them before we went to bed - just to make sure they were ok. Marie answered the phone after 2 rings: "HEY EMMA! WE'RE IN A MOVIE. BE HOME IN AN HOUR." Wow. They must be the only ones in that theater. "Ok, just making sure you're still ok! Enjoy your movie", and I went to bed.
The next morning I was in the kitchen talking to Marie about their date... turns out they didn't get home til 1:30am!! ((PARTY ANIMALS))
I turn around to go back upstairs and who's standing in front of me?
At first I thought: "Aw, they're so cute!", and then it really hit me. "You're here? YOU'RE HERE! Oh my gosh, I'm just so happy. I can't believe it. I'm just so happy!" I probably hugged them 3 times in a row, between huge sobs of happiness. I tear up now, just writing about it.
Earlier that week I had been texting her about how much I wished she could be here with us. And there she was! It was seriously one of my happiest moments. I love my sister Lauren so so much!
Marie and Will probably can be party animals, but that night they'd been out so late waiting at the airport for Lauren's plane to land (which had been rerouted twice because of the tornadoes in Missouri)
As soon as my dad heard I was heading to Seattle, he bought Lauren a plane ticket so us sisters could be together!
No words can describe how grateful I am for such a loving father.
I love you, dad! Thank you.

I love my sisters, and can't wait til Christmas when all of us sisters can be together. We missed you, Lissie!