Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Sweetest Hearts Golden Day

I don't know the last time I've done a blog post, so this might be a little rough. But I wanted to tell my Emma girl how much I love her, in the form of the top 10.

10.) She is the best mom that I have ever met!

9.) She is the most FUN girl ever.

8.) She is committed and dedicated.

7.) No other beauty compares to her.

6.) She is patient.

5.) She loves her family.

4.) She married me in the Temple.

3.) She makes me laugh.

2.) She makes my house a home.

1.) She's my best friend and she makes my life complete.

Happy Birthday Golden Girl!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Eve

HAPPY 2012!!!!

We rang in the New Year with this little one-year old. 
It wasn't really by choice that she stayed up past midnight, but she seemed to love all the partying.

She quickly ZONED-out.
Definitely wondering why she's still awake. Haha.

We hit up a couple parties, and here we are at party #1:

And party #2.
Annabelle didn't like it much:

JK. I actually have no idea why it looks like we're having a major cat fight. Haha! We really do love each other.

Hope you all got a midnight kiss!!

And if not (C,L,B) 
there's always next year...
Actually, make that 10 more years.

Haha :)

Jake builds a TRAMPOLINE!!


Do you see it? It's the empty box of a TRAMPOLINE!!
Marie and Will's kids got one for Christmas! 
And Uncle Jake built it for them. 

But somehow all I've ended up with are pictures of Tiny in the box, and the kids, and me too.

Haha! Sorry, honey.

He built it in the freezing cold rain. And well into the dark night. With Marie's help too.

Luckily Aunt Emma made everyone hot peppermint cocoa with freshly whipped cream afterwards :)


I still can't believe I have no pictures of the man of the night. With the actual trampoline! Haha!

At least I took a video. ((That's mainly of Annabelle.)) HA! 
There's definite evidence though :)