Monday, August 8, 2011

Going On Strike Part II:

Baby Girl's also decided she's way over eating baby food.
She'd much rather eat whatever's on our plates.
I could feed her people food all day long and she'd be the happiest baby in the world.
So her diet consists of: nursing, eating tiny bits of real veggies and fruits, and lots of screaming at baby food. She seriously hates the stuff.

However, on occasion, she'll take a couple bites of applesauce...

So I guess we'll make that transition from baby food to real food...

Baby Girl is ready for the real deal.

I can feed her anything but dairy, honey, and peanut butter, right?


  1. She's figured out that everything just tastes better when it's "real."
    You should probably just make your own baby food in the blender. Good luck!

  2. Her eyes get me every time! :) Yeah, my kids never did the baby food thing all the well, either. Yes, good luck!

  3. hey emma

    for Belle i've been making all her "baby food." so the transition to "real" food has been really easy. Belle eats pretty much anything she wants. Except cows milk, peanut butter and honey. But not all dairy is bad. She can do yogurt and cottage cheese and even chunks of cheddar.

  4. Ooh, yogurt! I bet she'd love that :) Thanks everyone. So basically I can just puree anything? That sounds pretty easy...

  5. This baby is going to be a movie star...I just know it!!!!