Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jake builds a TRAMPOLINE!!


Do you see it? It's the empty box of a TRAMPOLINE!!
Marie and Will's kids got one for Christmas! 
And Uncle Jake built it for them. 

But somehow all I've ended up with are pictures of Tiny in the box, and the kids, and me too.

Haha! Sorry, honey.

He built it in the freezing cold rain. And well into the dark night. With Marie's help too.

Luckily Aunt Emma made everyone hot peppermint cocoa with freshly whipped cream afterwards :)


I still can't believe I have no pictures of the man of the night. With the actual trampoline! Haha!

At least I took a video. ((That's mainly of Annabelle.)) HA! 
There's definite evidence though :)


  1. Haha way to go Jake and Marie! You guys are awesome! And Liam is sooo stinkin cute in that video! I miss them. And A is so adorable as usual :)

  2. bright blue eyes, rockin those darling little boots! so cute!

  3. Oh, this is SO awesome! How did I miss this post? Jake is the best for doing this for us! Seriously, the kids have been jumping on it everyday and LOVE it. And no worries, I took some pictures of Uncle Jake building a tramp for us! I've been meaning to do a post myself, actually. :)

  4. I'm sitting here in my house trying to stay warm and I'm impressed that you all were out in the freezing cold rain!

    Hurray for trampolines, the boxes they come in, and their determined assemblers!

  5. that's AWESOME! That was so awesome of Jake to put the trampoline together...it seriously looked like a project in the video. And Annabelle is as cute as ever :)