Friday, February 10, 2012

Baby Talk


Annabelle's recently learned the meaning of the word: "No!"
And although I'm sure I'll eat my words, I think it so cute to hear her say it!

Also, no. 
We are not expecting.
I mean, after hearing what she has to say, who knows if we'll ever have anymore ;)


  1. haha SOOO cute!! I love the way she says No too!! She says it so cute!! Watch, she'll get THREE baby brothers and THREE baby sisters haha. It will be fun to show this video to your younger children when they're old enough to understand. hahaha :)

  2. haha I love how she laughs after everytime she says "NO". So cute! :)

  3. Oh wow, that was so adorable! She's so funny! This totally made my night. :)

  4. Oh my GOODNESS!! She is so smart.