Saturday, January 5, 2013

The First Month

I'm obsessed.
He's awakened a whole new section of my heart that I didn't even know was there. I get butterflies every time I look at him. Smell him. Kiss him. Snuggle him.
He is so sweet.
And such a little Henry.

How has he already been with us for a month? 
I want to cry. 
He's my little boy and I want him to stay that way forever. 

He still sleeps a lot.
But Annabelle will play with him like he's wide awake.
Yesterday morning I walked in to find her setting up a tea party with him. Lucky boy even got two cups.

He's getting really chubby. And those dimples on his hands make me crazy about him. I love those little man-hands.

He's so very sweet, and a little bit stinky. 
I guess that's the boy in him ;) 
His chubby arms and little grunts remind me of a hibernating bear. If he's gonna get the hiccups it will happen around 7pm. He never sneezes just once, it always happens in twos and threes. He's a happy little boy and has loved to eat since the moment he was born. Sometimes he just needs his daddy to hold him, and all his squirming goes away. He's strong and can lift his head up to look around. 
He smiles a lot and every time he does my heart grows another size. 
He's my perfect little Henry.

And I love him.
Every little bit of him.


  1. a hibernating bear!! haha Emma you always make me laugh so hard! he is so incredibly sweet. I miss him :( and these pictures are priceless. I love them!!!! and I love his man hands too :)

  2. Ah! This is so sweet! Your writing is so poetic! I love that little man :)

  3. OH my goodness, HOW did I miss all these posts until just now??? I can see why you are obsessed with him! He is so sweet and just perfect. Can't wait to hold him in three weeks!