Monday, August 30, 2010


Utah Valley University is sending two students to Israel to make a documentary and my Jacob is one of those special students :)
It's a 10 day trip in October! I'm so so excited for him! I really wish I could go with him, but then again early labor in the middle east sounds like a horrifying nightmare - even more so than having a C-section. :S

So off he'll go in October to see the beautiful architecture, people, and taste the delicious food of Israel.
He's headed out there to document the ruins of an ancient city with this device that UVU owns. You place it in the middle of a room, it scans the room (its dimensions etc) and it then recreates how that room looked before it was torn apart. So with this device they'll basically reconstruct this ancient little city! :)

And while he's away, I just might go see my beautiful sister and her adorable little babies in Seattle!! (PLEASE JAKE!)
I mean really, I shouldn't be alone for 10 whole days whilst 8 months pregnant. Seattle sounds like the perfect location for such a large expecting woman.

October = Big travelling month for both of us!

Jake will go here:

...and see this:

I, on the other hand, will go here:

...and see this:


...and THIS:

Courtesy of these two:


  1. Seattle! Seattle!

    Oh, I feel so loved. :) Can't wait to see you in October!

  2. sounds soo fun!! I would be afraid to fly 8 months pregnant!! But Seattle is so beautiful and so are all of Marie's babies :):)

  3. Yeah... should I be afraid to fly? Jake's new ultimatum is: I can go if my doctor says I can! Hope hope hope!!

  4. haha yeah early labor in the middle east does sound like a horrific nightmare! Thats exciting for you guys though, it sounds like a great time for the both of you! And those kids are so freaking CUTE! I can see why you want to go to seattle so bad! :)

  5. My Dr. said no flying in the last trimester...she said the change of altitude could cause labor. Hopefully it works out for you to...maybe we could come visit if you can't leave town! :)

  6. Well the doc said it's fine as long as it's not 34 weeks and up! And I'll be 32 :D Hooray! Here I come Seattle!! And Tiff, you can still come visit! I'll only be gone a week :)