Saturday, September 4, 2010

John Mayer for Birthday Jake

This year for Jake's 25th birthday he did some pretty great things: He ran his first half-marathon and went to the John Mayer concert!
He trained for months before the big race and did an awesome job! His dad, uncle Jon, and Aunt Jen ran it with him as well. Thanks for making his birthday such a special day!

He also requested a "baby-themed" party, so this is what he got :)

The John Mayer concert was INCREDIBLE! And we had some pretty rockin' seats. It was my 1st concert, but one of many for Jake and also his THIRD time seeing John Mayer. I think it's love.

Here we are with our double date Matt & T.

Right in the middle of it all. So amazing!

Oh John Mayer, you blew us away!