Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vienna Sausages

Dinosaur toes. Duck feet. Or just plain hideous.
Welcome to my least favorite feature on my body: my feet. And those sweet nicknames came from my little brothers (dinosaur toes), my mother (duck feet), and friends (Vienna sausages). They're tough little guys, having been harassed their entire life.
Oh, but their favorite memory yet:

Ashley Thay and I like to sit around,, talking about our pregnancies, and how much fun our little babies will have playing together. During one of these fun get togethers she suddenly gasped while pointing at my feet: "Oh Emma, your poor feet. They're so swollen!"
Were they? I look down, and sure enough, she'd seen my feet for the first time. My little dinosaur toes, not one bit swollen. "No Ashley, those are how my feet always look." Now "swollen" has been added to the long list of nicknames for my feet :)

Most people will get tummy tucks, nose jobs, or eye lifts.
You can bet your money I'm getting a foot job.

Now please, let Annabelle get Lauren's model feet!!


  1. This story really isn't complete without a picture of your feet!

  2. Emma!!! You know i feel so bad for saying that and i think you have the worlds cutest feet! I would trade you feet any day! haha im sorry! and its true you should put a picture up of how cute they are ;)

  3. Aw, I miss your feet. I can't wait to see them again after this funny post. Love you!

  4. Haha, Ash. Don't even worry about it, I know you meant well :)
    And mom, my feet are far too unattractive to be put online.

  5. Well Emma my feet are slowly getting all swollen! hopefully it goes away after the little guy comes out but I guess we'll see ;)

  6. In Ashley Thay's defense...I believe they WERE a bit swollen that day! Look at the bright least you have the right number of toes!