Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grandpa Dave turns 30!!

We headed to Grand Junction late Thursday night to surprise Grandpa Dave for his big three-oh. ;););)

Ashley, Josh, Kaylee, and Isaac came too so it was like a mini-reunion. (We were just missing Tiffany & co - looking forward to Easter though) :D

It was fun to have the baby cousins together, and I got lots of cute pictures of the long weekend.

The girls' first road trip together:

It's hard travelling with 2 babes under 4 months, but they did pretty awesome! One would cry, which would lull the other to sleep, and vice versa. They're so cute together!

The boys helped thier dad pour cement on his birthday, and here they are discussing their next move, GQ-style:

Annabelle getting her one-on-one time:
They're such sweet grandparents.

Jake and Danny got some good one-on-one time too ;)

Maddy gettin' some love:

Our Sunday evening walk:

Daddy-Daughter date:

Annabelle learned how to play with her toys on this trip:

Playing with baby Isaac:

Dave's birthday dinner at Rooster's:

And headed home:

Fun trip! Can't wait for Easter :)


  1. Emma, I don't know how you can stand it. Annabelle is such a pretty little girl! Oh, and I have to apologize for my ditzy moment on the phone today. I feel so bad about that!

  2. Thanks Marie. And don't even worry about it. Haha - it's your birthday. I love you tons.

  3. Such a fun weekend! Im glad we take all the pictures we can of these little girls... they are growing so fast! And that one picture of danny holding Annabelle is hilarious, I cant stop laughing :)

  4. How fun to have all those baby cousins together.

  5. Emma you are looking GORGO!!! :) And Annabelle is sooo sweet and beautiful!! Looks like it was a fun trip!! I love all the pictures! and I love how Annabelle can play with her toys now! I'm just WAITING for Cole to take interest in his haha :) Love you guys! :)

  6. Ahhhh!!!!! what a fun weekend!!! Sorry but I am going to have to steal some of these photos for my blog! :) Thanks in advance for that! haha