Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Super Moms!

Ashley Thay and I hiked the Y a couple weekends ago. Oh, and with our babies strapped to our chests. We hiked the Y with 10+ lbs babies strapped to us. HELLO!! --> By far the hardest thing I've ever done: Harder than giving birth, harder than getting an epidural, and definitely harder than getting an IV (which was the worst part of being in labor). Also harder than recovering from birth, but to get an even better picture it goes hand-in-hand with getting 38 stitches.

=pretty dang hard! However very very rewarding!

Every person we passed on the way up would tell us how awesome we were, and how much they admired us, and how they can't believe we're doing this, and how they hoped to be able to do this when they have kids. A little Asian Army man even said: Way to go! You're almost there! ... very sweet, however very untrue. Hearing those words gave me butterflies: HALELUJA! Almost there. Unfortunately we were still AN HOUR OUT!!!

See, that's my perspective on this hike. Ashley, on the other hand, is back to her pre-birth weight (6 short weeks later) and so in shape! She could've hiked the Y twice with both babies strapped to her before breaking a sweat. She's amazing.
And so sweet to let me take a break every 5 steps.

We did it! We hiked the Y, and I am very proud about it too. It was my 1st time, and I'm so glad I could do it with those girls.
(We even hiked to the very tippy-top of the Y!) Woot woot.


  1. Oh Emma, you didnt tell me it was harder than giving birth!!! Geeze I feel terrible now! And it was definitely hard for me too. Im so glad we did it and even took the harder path (on accident) haha.

  2. way to go Emma!! THat hike is soooo hard! I'm impressed with you guys too!!! And you girls are such cute mommas!!!! Love the pics :)