Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

It feels like this year was Tiny's 1st Christmas!
I mean, she slept through her real 1st Christmas. Does that even count?!

So technically this was her 2nd, but who's keeping track, right?!

She was really fun this year.

Like, she stayed awake, through all the gift opening :)
We got to spend this Christmas in WA with almost all my family.
It was by far my favorite Christmas to date.
Annabelle got to play with her cute cousins all week long. Her and JuJu really hit it off and I can tell they'll be best buddies.
It was so cute to see how much they loved each other.
And both Annabelle and Cole lit right up when they saw Bella. She is such an adorable oldest cousin. She loves those babies so much.

Well, Annabelle's officially 13 months old.
And she has seriously gotten so much older in this past month.
It was so so exciting!!

And she also somehow picked up on the "cheese" face. Haha!
At first I thought it was a crazy coincidence that she was making this face in EVERY picture of the week: squinty-eyed, goofy smile.
Then I realized she was saying cheese.
And I think it is the most adorable thing.

She's not a total walker yet, but she is super close! She stands up a lot on her own, and I think all this progress is due to watching JuJu run around all weekend.
I'd either find those 2 giggling standing side by side, or crawling after each other.
She really loves all her cousins!
And so do I.

I feel so so blessed to have such a beautiful & loving family.
I love them so much.

The worst part about saying goodbye, is not knowing when we'll see each other again...

But I pray that it's real real soon!!

Merry Christmas.
I hope everyone's was as eventful as ours!


  1. Adorable post! We MISSED you guys for Christmas. Every year is precious to us no matter how we spend the holiday. I LOVE you guys and can't wait to see you all again!

  2. It's true! We missed you guys ALOT! So glad you had such a good time though! I love Annabelle's cheese face too! That is so adorable!!!

  3. She is such a cutie. I miss her cheese face, "please" sign language, kisses . . . everything!

  4. That Cheese face is the CUTEST thing EVER!!! I love it so much! She is so so cute and I miss her already. So does Cole of course :( I'm so glad that we could all be together though!