Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Continued

Here are a couple snaps from Christmas morning. She was such a little angel and loved pulling everything out of her stocking.

Note for next year: A bundle of bananas will do the trick ;)


  1. ummm, Emma?! Why didn't you post the 5 minute video of Annabelle eating her banana?! hahaha I think I need a point and shoot camera again so that i can get more snapshots of me and Steve. You guys look cute! :)

  2. We sure did miss you guys this year but we see you were in good hands! Annabelle is growing so quickly and you two...well you are so adorable together! I love how you love each other.

  3. Oh my word...that picture of A-Belle looking at the camera in her dress with her pop up toy looks EXACTLY like Jacob as a baby...Crazy!!!
    Love the pictures Em, you are so beautiful!