Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny snuck into our house and left Annabelle some cutesie treats. That smart little bunny got her her very own Cabbage Patch Kid. And it looks just like her, too! 

He must've known she needed a new one, since the one she's been playing with is her daddy's childhood doll and has definitely seen better days.

She also got some sidewalk chalk, pretty headbands, and German Easter chocolate!
It was so cute watching her play with her new toys. She kept saying: "Bite!" and then sharing her Easter candy with her doll.

  The Easter Bunny also made her some wooden blocks!
Lucky little girl :)

I think Annabelle likes this Easter Bunny business.
And I can't complain either, with all the leftover chocolate lying around the house... :)


  1. oh Emma she is just the cutest little thing! The Easter bunny was good to her! And it's so cute how she was giving her baby some of the candy!! Adorable!! Can't wait to see that little girl :)

  2. I love that she was trying to give that doll her candy! How cute! I feel bad the easter bunny forgot to come by our house this year :/ next year he will for sure!! haha ;) And those ears look so cute on Annabelle!!

  3. Juliette got sidewalk chalk from the Easter Bunny, too! I love that she was trying to feed the doll her candy. She is so cute and I get to see her next week!! Hip hip!

  4. Love the cabbage patch doll! I didn't know they were still making them. I guess I don't spend a lot of time in the toy department anymore. I think every little girl needs at least one!

  5. I hope "Parker" gets to spend some time with the NEW baby! So cute...wait till she's big enough for a TEA PARTY! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Look at how cute Annie is with her Easter stuff. :) Hint. Hint.