Monday, October 29, 2012

Cousin Loves

We just got home from our Seattle trip last night.
It was so fun!
The perfect mix of relaxing and accomplishing :)
We made a list of things to do and did every single thing:

Make bow-ties
Take pictures
Eat yummy food (i.e. nutella)
Go on 30 min walks every night
Have a girl's night
Start: Project-Flower-Shop-Beautification

(OK, so potty train the girls was on that list too, and well... 
it didn't quite happen!) ;)

But really, just having precious cousin time was enough for me.

We really love you, Washington cousins :)

Like really.
A lot.


  1. awww these pictures are so so cute!! I wish that Cole could have been there with his cousins too!! Sounds like a lot of fun :)

  2. SO so sweet! I loved that you were here and took those sweet pics! And Lu, I wish you could've come too! We need to get ALL the little cousins together soon!

  3. So cute, these pictures are darling!!