Friday, December 28, 2012

Sweet Henry

I was 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant, but I felt like I was 2 weeks past due. 
I got my membranes stripped twice that week in hopes that the nurse would accidentally pop my water. When that didn't happen, I finally set an induction date. 
I chose December 6th. An even number. 

Lauren arrived late Tuesday night, just in time to get ready for the big day. We made our grocery list for the week and headed to Target Wednesday morning. I got all my last minute essentials, like a plethora of snacks for Annabelle. And a jar of nutella. For me. :)
Then standing in line I suddenly felt my heart speed up. I knew it was happening, but kept telling myself it wasn't. My water was trickling. Ahh. Not here, not in public. This is supposed to happen in the middle of the night in the comfort of your home.
I kept bracing myself for the big gush. What would I do? It's just water, I could probably still check out. I mean, I needed these groceries. 
Luckily Lauren had checked out in another lane and was done, so I handed her my wad of cash and quickly waddled to the restroom.
Nothing. No gush. False alarm, I guess.
Then I started cramping.
And in my head I knew I was in labor, but I kept telling myself I wasn't.
(Which is crazy, cause an hour before I was praying to be in labor!)
I was scared.
I casually texted Jake:
"Hey, so I'm kind of leaking a watery substance. But no worries. It's probably nothing. Keep you posted."
He immediately called me insisting I call a nurse. Turns out it wasn't just "nothing"...
He raced home, threw our bags in the car, and we headed to the hospital.
I wasn't in any crazy pain, I was just really scared. And not scared to give birth. Or to get a giant needle shoved into my spine.
I was scared to have a son.
I felt so unprepared and inadequate.
Tears streamed down my face the whole way to the hospital and I just kept praying that I would be a good mom for my boy.

Once I was all situated in the hospital bed, the nurse checked my cervix. I was dilated to a 4. (Did you know that's the size of a Ritz cracker? You're welcome!) :)
Jake gave me a sweet blessing, most of which I've forgotten now. But what I do remember is him blessing me with the comfort and knowledge  that I would be an adequate mother for this boy.
Shortly after that I got the epidural, during which Jake almost passed out. Haha. All of a sudden he was leaning over my bed and the nurse was rushing him over to the couch. His face had gone completely white, and if she hadn't grabbed him some soda he probably would've been a goner. Haha.
Oh, but getting that big needle in my spine was no big deal. ;)
I actually almost passed out like 15 minutes later from all the medicine in my body and the lack of food. I kept begging my nurse to let me at least chew on flavored ice, but she was kind of a beast about it. Luckily there was a shift change and my new favoritest of all time nurse let me drink Sprite! :D
Her name was Terah. And I love her.

After a couple hours and only progressing to a 5 they started the pitocin. And 30 minutes later I was at an 8. And then 15 minutes later I was dilated to a 10. 
So I pushed through 2 contractions and he just slipped right out. And immediately peed on the doctor. (He had been holding it for a long time!) 

My Henry was here. 
8 lbs 1 oz. 20 inches long.
Born at 12:12 am. December 6th.

They immediately placed him on me and the very first thing I noticed were his adorable lips.
He was so perfect and finally in my arms. 
I just cried and cried while thanking my Heavenly Father for this precious baby. 
I have never felt so overwhelmed with gratitude. 
My perfectly healthy boy was here.
And he's mine forever :)


  1. You'll be a GREAT Momma to him! Congrats!

  2. You are a natural at this motherhood stuff and I look up to you more than you know! I loved reading this! You are such a great writer and even better person! Love you, and I'm dying to hold your Henry boy. He is so perfect! I'm so glad he's here safe and sound and that you're his momma. You're both so lucky!

  3. oh, emma. this post just made me want to have a baby in my arms NOW!
    I can't believe you are a mother of two! henry seems absolutely perfect.
    congratulations again!!

  4. So sweet! You are going to be an amazing momma to that cutie! He is so beyond darling. :)

  5. You have no need to worry about being the perfect mother...there will be times that you can do it all and there will be times you cannot....that is a perfect mother! The one that knows it's ok when you just can't do more!! We have been blessed with the natural ability to go beyond our natural powers and use our super mom powers! I LOVE watching you nurture your children. You ARE the PERFECT MOTHER!

  6. Congrats. and I love the name Henry. That was on our "short list" if Belle had been a boy.

  7. Very sweet, Emily. Welcome to the world, Henry!

  8. Such a sweet post Emma! He is a perfect little boy and you ARE a wonderful mother to him! :)