Saturday, June 15, 2013

Six Months

You're halfway to one and I have officially started planning your first birthday.
There, I said it.
And I'm trying not to be sad about it.
Cause you are so freaking cute. And you only get cuter.
And a little one year old you is going to make my heart explode.

You're up on all fours now.
You get into the crawling position and just rock back and forth.
I think you'll actually take off crawling any day now.
You are really good at scooting backwards.
You've scooted your way under your crib and halfway under the couch before.
You can sit up and roll all over.
When I'm in public complete strangers will come over and start talking to you. They can't really help themselves, because you smile at anyone that looks at you.
You've found your toes, and they have found your mouth.
You like to spit.
Annabelle made you full on belly laugh this month, and it was my absolute favorite moment. Ever.
And she's still the only person that can get you to laugh like that.
You've eaten all sorts of foods now, including Otterpops.
You  l o v e  hummus. And watermelon. And blueberries. And Uncle Tom fed you french fries and a shake while sitting in the backseat with you. Yeah, totally not cool. But again, you loved it.
I'm pretty certain you're gonna make us poor with how much you like to eat.
You are so so wiggly. You never sit still.
You love to kick your legs. Constantly.
You're a little bit of a diva and want to be nursed to sleep every night.
And you've also taken over my bed.
I'm not really complaining though - I love your little body snuggled up to mine.
Daddy was just telling me how he only remembers you being a newborn for about 5 minutes, cause you've mostly been as big as you are now for the past 6 months.
You flap your arms a lot.
Annabelle takes care of you like you're her babydoll "Lissie" - and that's saying a lot.
Sometimes you bite me while nursing, and I sternly tell you not to. And it doesn't matter where Annabelle is in the house, she will come running and say: "Mommy, be nice to my Henry-Boy!!" 
She's got your back.
(But seriously, stop biting me!)

You're cute.
So so cute.
And this spot that you've created in my heart - it just keeps growing!

I love you forever.


  1. Oh my GOSH!! I want to eat him. He is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!!!!!

  2. These posts melt my heart! And make me laugh. And make me want to come visit you guys ASAP! That kid is seriously the cutest.

  3. So sweet! I love these posts! He is so adorable!