Saturday, June 15, 2013


I recently read a post about how hard it is to find friends once you're married. The author used an analogy about how it's like you're in the dating world all over again, except it's much harder 'cause you're trying to match up  f o u r  people instead of two. You have to find another couple you have things in common with, but still enough differences to keep it exciting. And of course you get slightly jealous when they choose to hang out with another couple over you. Haha. 
After reading that post it made me realize how grateful I am to have Tom and Tanya. We've found our "match" and have been going steady for 3+ years. Haha.
(enough with the analogy?!) 
A while back I was telling Marie about how Tanya will just call out of the blue and ask if she can make me dinner (I know, I scored with this one!!), and she commented on how my life seems like a sitcom. Haha. And now Tanya and I like to joke about which episode we're on, and sometimes she'll text me after going home and say: "T h a t  was my favorite episode yet!" 
 I definitely don't see my life as a sitcom, but sometimes it can be very dreamy.
I mean, a talented chef offers to make me dinner at least once a week. 
Sign. Me. Up.
Every Wednesday for the past couple of months we'll have dinner together. Tanya will whip up some delicious dinner that tastes better than any Italian you've ever had, or she'll bring over fresh limes to make Brazilian Limeades. And one Wednesday evening the boys pulled out the guitars and serenaded us. 
(Is this sounding too sitcom-y?) 
But for reals, it was  t h e  most perfect evening. The kids wrestled while giggling. Tanya just sat there looking beautiful. And the boys played music. And I got to capture it all.
One memory I will love forever.

No, my life isn't perfect. And it's definitely not a sitcom. 
But there are perfect days that fill in the weeks.
And for those, I am so grateful.


  1. These are lovely pictures Emma! The Quinns are such genuinely nice people, I'll always remember how willing Tom was to drive us to the airport early in the morning that one time! :)

  2. Such gorgeous pictures, and you're an amazing writer, too! You are blessed to have the Quinn's in your life. Could you maybe set Will and I up on a "blind date" sometime so that we could have a sitcom life, too? haha

  3. Sounds like a wonderful night. I really love the Quinns too. And Tanya is so gorgeous! Beautiful pictures Emma!

  4. So nice to have such great best friends!