Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dramatic Tiny?

Is it possible that my daughter is the most dramatic girl I know?

She's been a pretty good sleeper lately (sleeps FOUR hours at a time at night!) That's a happy thought. But this morning she thought it'd be fun to wake up at 7am (which is pretty typical; she's hungry, right?) No! She just woke up and stayed up. Until TEN am. Crying. And stretching. And sometimes just laying there. But mostly making little whimpering noises. And we all might think: Well Emma, there was obviously something wrong with her. Was she dirty? Gassy? Cold?
No no dear friends - she was just being plain d-r-a-m-a-t-i-c.

So 3 hours later I finally decide I've gotta get going on the dishes or something. I grab her, put her in her swing (she can keep whimpering in there), turn on her music and ... what's that? Silence?

My tiny girl had FINALLY fallen asleep. (And still is!) :D


  1. She just didn't want to miss anything!

  2. ha ha isn't it crazy how early they develop there attitudes and personalities.. Anna loved her swing so much that whenever she had a rough night i would just let her sleep in her swing, it was amazing!!

  3. haha, that sounds like a fun morning! I hope you got a nap in. :)

  4. Em, you and your daughter crack me up!!! im so glad you found a solution for her! you are going to have to teach me oh, so much! :)

  5. adorable! I love that bouncer too!

  6. She is so adorable! I miss her so much.