Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Photo Challenge aka Something to get me blogging!!

This is my sweet baby girl: Annabelle Sue.
She's my two-month old now -- TWO MONTHS! Didn't I just have her?
She smiles all day long, tells me stories every five minutes, and has the strongest (and chubbiest) little legs! And even though her Asian grandma thinks otherwise, she is truly my little Asian baby :) Picture this girl with dark skin - straight up Filipino, right? ;)

I got this 30 day photo challenge from Lauren's blog - I'm trying to be more like her and post more often, and this little list will hopefully aid my blogging desires in more of a take-off.

Did any of you know that you can order you blog in book format? Yeah, my mom did it and it's the cutest/most important keepsake you could have: a journal of your thoughts, memories, and pictures throughout the year. So, trying to be more like my mom I'm going to order one at the end of the year as well, but first I need to be more like Lauren and actually blog.
(Marie, Lissie, Christian, Bryant, Matthew, dad: I'm trying to be more like you too!)

Back to this list challenge - I'm not sure what the challenge entails entirely, but I'll just go with describing the picture (that seems logical, right?)

Well, I already told you who she is -- my newest best friend!
This photo was taken by her amazing Aunt Marie.
About three weeks ago my dad flew me out to Irving, TX to visit Lauren and her precious baby boy, Cole, and of course I booked my trip for the same week Marie would be there too :)
She arrived Wednesday afternoon, and I left Friday morning so we didn't have much daylight together - and a good photographer knows you need beautiful lighting for beautiful pictures. So - we had a quick photo-shoot almost as soon as she walked in the door. Per Grandma Lisa's request: one picture of all three baby cousins - Juliette, Annabelle, and Cole.
Well we tried, and tried. And then nursed, and tried some more. {We probably got one or two good ones} It's hard to keep 3 babies happy, especially when two are newborns, and the third is almost one! {But boy, did Juliette love her baby cousins! Especially their faces} Hehe.

So there goes Wednesday - day 1 with Marie. Thursday she actually had to do what she came to TX at all for {go to a convention for her husband's flower business} - day 2 {more like evening} with Marie.
FRIDAY - day 3 (more like morning) with Marie. Sweet, beautiful, kind Aunt Marie got up bright and early to capture some beautiful photos with the soft morning light of my little tiny. And hence: this breathtaking photograph.

Thank you, Aunt Marie!

30 Day Challenge - Day 1: check.


  1. so cute! i love your blog Emma! fun to read :) I'm glad you're doing the challenge with me :)and it was so fun having you and Annabelle here. she is so cute :)

  2. I love your blog, too! Woohoo for this photo challenge. I love it. :)

    Oh, and there really are more TX coming. I'm going to hop to it right now!

  3. I love that picture of Annabelle . . . so very sweet.

  4. I love this! Haha describing taking the picture of all three babies made me laugh. I can just picture it.

  5. Annabelle should be a model...she is so precious! Love those baby blue eyes!