Monday, May 23, 2011

Road-Trip Seattle: Day 1

We're here! We made it. And it feels so good :)

The kids are so sweet, constantly loving on our babies -- they're so adorable. Especially because Liam calls them Emmabelle and Manny!
Ahh - love. :)

Anyways. From the beginning:
We left early Thursday morning, and only stopping twice, got to Boise at 4:00! The girls were seriously such good little travelers. We went downtown Boise and had dinner with my cutest Asian grandma and Uncle Kris.
It was so fun seeing Great Grandma Minnie with her Great Grandbaby Annabelle! They loved each other.
And can you believe they're related?!

Uncle Kris took us out to dinner at this yummy Asian restaurant: Oriental Express. We had a great time visiting and catching up for lost time. Grandma's still loving her job as a hairdresser, and Kris is working for a computer company in the city.

I loved seeing my sweet grandma and uncle. And I'm so glad they could meet baby Annabelle. She's got Asian in her somewhere ;)


  1. Love those multigenerational asian pictures!!

  2. How neat you took a road trip to Seattle! I LOVE that city :) And those photos of adorable Annabelle with your great Grandma and uncle are too sweet :) Excited to hear more about your trip...I read that Lauren surprised you!! Made me SO HAPPY! :)