Monday, October 3, 2011

Conference Weekend

 Here are a couple snaps from this past weekend.
We got to spend Saturday and Sunday with family, and watch General Conference.
Loved. Every. Second.

Sue-Belle taught me some fun stuff on my camera. 
Although, I could probably have the worst lighting, terrible settings, and the lens cap on, and Ashley would still be this gorgeous.

Maddy's adorable-ness.
I just looove those little teeth!

In between sessions the girls took a bath together.
And Kaylee thought it was pretty hilarious to dump cups of water over Annabelle's head.

Luckily, she didn't mind too much :)

She also taught Annabelle how to do the Kaylee-smile.
So cute.

It was so nice to have a relaxing weekend, hearing the leaders of our church speak to us.
And especially hearing the prophet speak.
Love him.
He's pret-ty funny :)

Don't you love General Conference?

Hope you had a great weekend too :)


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE these pictures! That first one of Ash and that last one of you guys!! Love love! Makes me miss you guys! I'm glad you had such an awesome conference weekend. :) I loved it!

  2. Yes, Ashley is gorgeous. And hooray for all the "baby girls in the bath" pics. Precious!

  3. yes! sounds like a great weekend indeed :) being able to enjoy conference...and bathe cute little babes in the tub in between, perfect! :) Gorgeous photos...

  4. Emma these pictures are so good! I dont even remember you taking these haha. And I love conference weekend too :).... its always so fun to lounge around {with family}, eat yummy food, and be uplifted by the talks. The laughing ones are so funny! Cute post! :)

  5. Oh and I love that you got pics of Kalee pouring water on Annabelle's head! She's a good sport! :)

  6. how did I miss this post?! Beautiful pictures Emma!!!! and Ashley is so drop dead gorgeous! i love that girl :)
    and of course Annabelle is the most adorable little thing! I miss her! I miss all of you!