Monday, October 31, 2011

Quickly Approaching One

She's practically there.
When people ask me how old she is, I just say:
"Almost one!"
That's a true sign of giving in to this whole growing up business...


While saying her bedtime prayers tonight, 
I broke down weeping.
I couldn't help myself!

She is my precious little baby and I love her so much.
It's crazy!
It is so incredible how much you can love one small person.
I can't even describe it.
So all I could do was just cry, while she lovingly looked into my eyes.

I am so thankful to have her:
My tiny best friend.
We do everything together!
And I love her more than anything.

You're 11 months old, sweets.
I love you forever!

*She crawls - fast!
*She says "please" in sign language.
*She's definitely a mama's girl
*She says mama, dada, and papa. 
And of course: up.
*She loooves cheese. 
(true Allred right there!)
*And she's getting too big, too fast!

Here's a video of her having her first sucker on her first halloween :)

She loved it!


  1. oh this post made my mama heart all sorts of happy (and teary-eyed!) :) It's amazing how much we grow more and more in love with our little ones every day...trying to soak them up as they grow up right before our eyes! How exciting that your little Annabelle is almost one! bitter-sweet for sure...

    and that video, SO CUTE, yay for suckers!! Brooks' first sucker was right around one also, he LOVED it! Then recently we went to the bank and had to stay longer than we thought, so to keep him entertained and happy he had about 3 suckers from the cashiers (yowza). I remembered that this past weekend, so when I was shopping I got him one and it totally helped him last. He is definitely a boy and not a shopper! lol This mama has got some tricks up her sleeve ;)

  2. Emma this post is so sweet! I feel the same way too sometimes. And I agree its very bitter-sweet. We will surely miss this tiny baby stage but have so much to look forward too as well! I love you guys so much!!! :)

  3. Oh, what a sweet post! You are an amazing momma! And I love how you call Annabelle "tiny." So so cute.