Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tiny's 1st Halloween

This year was baby girl's first halloween.
And it was AWESOME!
She was our little chicken, and we were her cool farmer parents.
Some little girl even stopped me asking to take our picture cause we had "the cutest costumes" she'd seen ;)

Maddy-Cakes and A-Belle were twinner chickens.

Sooo adorable!

Our little Trunk-or-Treat greeters:

Hope your halloween was awesome too.
Annabelle even got to try her first sucker...
 I'll post a video soon.



  1. what a cute farmer, farmer's wife, and little chick!! :) yay for dressing up!

  2. Thanks for taking pics Em, these are adorable! Soooo glad we could spend the little chickies first Halloween together!