Thursday, February 7, 2013

Two Months

He's almost as big as Annabelle.
He has his Grandpa Tracy's hands.
He smiles a lot!
His coos make my heart stop.
He likes to kick.
He loves his big sister.
He likes to follow me around the room with his dreamy Van Wagoner eyes.
(And I love it!)
His cheeks are the most kissable things ever.
I adore his pointy chin.
He startles easily and his "scared cry" is just so cute.
I kiss those lips between every other word I say to him. I just can't help myself.
He raises his eyebrows when he smiles, and I die every time.

And he still sneezes. A lot.



  1. Gah! Are you kidding me!?!? I cant handle the cuteness... just CANT! I cant wait to hear his coo's! Love, love, love! And that second picture is totally a "Jake" look! haha.

  2. That face!!! Seriously!! I want to eat him up!!! Loving all these pictures Emma!!!