Monday, February 11, 2013

"On a mission!"

We dropped off our first missionary package to Elder Allred tonight. I have a feeling he's gonna get pretty spoiled, being the first missionary in the family. 
Especially with 4 sisters that adore him & a mom that misses him like crazy. 
Annabelle and I had so much fun baking him heart-shaped brownies with powdered sugar on top. 
(Happy Valentine's Day, Elder!) 
And I just know he's gonna appreciate all the girliness we smothered into that package. Like the glitzy fairy stickers all over the card Annabelle made him. At least she gave it a masculine touch and scribbled with the black crayon. :)

I'm making it a goal to write him every Sunday. He may not get weekly brownies, but he will get a letter from us (finger's crossed!!) And with coloring being Annabelle's all-time favorite pass time, he'll have a nice collection of 2 year old artwork too!

If you ask Annabelle where Uncle Christian is she responds: "On a mission!" 
And it amazes me every time.
I guess all the pre-MTC festivities really sunk in.

He is on a mission, and we are so proud of him!!


  1. Emma your pictures are so awesome!! and you are the best sister and the best mom!!!! Christian is lucky to have you sending him treats :)

  2. So great that you are spoiling him. And I know he will love all of the Annabelle artwork!

  3. "On a mission!" haha, that is so cute! It's taken me by surprise (I don't know why) with how fun and good it feels to have a missionary out! I'm suddenly all the more drawn to the missionaries here, even. Last night for YWs we had an activity where we had a Q&A with the sister missionaries and one of the sisters was a 19-year-old, and she was the most adorable and sweet thing with the most amazing stories (and she's only been out a few weeks). It was especially fun to hear ther take on the MTC since Christian is there right now. They loved it and called it Mormon Narnia because everyone is so happy and heavenly there.

    Wow, that was a long comment! :)