Saturday, April 27, 2013

These People

We've finally been reunited as a family, and today we went ahead and celebrated that to the max.
Everything is always more fun when daddy's around.
And 100x easier. Single parenting when he's out of town is definitely an art that I have not mastered yet. However, I am open to any tips!
These days Henry is pretty much all smiles. You just look at him and he lights up. And he has this double chin that is just so adorable.! 
And I love his sweet and easy-going personality. Please stay 4 months old forever!!
 Annabelle, on the other hand, is about 50/50. Haha. With only being two years old her ups and downs are pretty drastic. One minute she's pouting about not getting to play with two plastic forks, and the next her face is glowing with the sweetest grin as she's just handed me a dandelion. Ahh. Those are the moments I bask in :)
I'm in love with her. She is definitely cray-cray, but wrapped around my heart 50 times.
And I'm so happy I caught that grin of hers on camera as she handed me her flower. I have a major soft spot for that girl.
It was a really last minute decision to grab my camera as we headed out the door today, and I think it was a good one :)
Spending my days with these people is my favorite!


  1. Super cute, Em! Glad that you guys are all together again! You people sure are beautiful!

  2. Love the pictures! Glad you had such a great day together.