Monday, April 8, 2013

Three Months

I can't believe I missed his 3 month post.
And now he's 4 months and 2 days. What?!
Before I know it he's gonna turn one, and I want to start crying right now. Time with this second baby is on fast forward or something, cause I feel like I just had him! And now he smiles, and coos, and is just so loveable. 
He is mesmerized by Annabelle. I told her to go entertain him the other day, and I look over and she's given him her feet to play with. And he was beyond happy. He. Adores. Her.
He's such a mellow little guy, too. He's super content to just lay on the floor and watch us girls go about our day. He's happy as can be, if he can watch me make dinner in the kitchen.
And he's a big boy. At 3 months, he's 15 lbs!
I've never been so in love with chunky baby thighs.
And this boy's thighs are to die for!
He hasn't quite figured out how to laugh yet, but he sure does try. His back and feet are ticklish, and he just grunts with a big smile on his face when we tickle him. 
These past 3 months have been such a blessing.
And he makes me want 10 more boys just like him.


  1. Do it! 10 more babies! Please! You make such cute ones. These pictures have me goo-ing and gah-ing. haha. It kind of kills me that I can't be close enough to see him try to laugh. That sounds so cute. Love him!

  2. I could just squeeze him!! These pictures are adorable! I love that baby boy! He's so sweet :)