Tuesday, May 14, 2013

q u o t a b l e s

My mom kept a journal full of all the funny things we'd say growing up, and I always l o v e d reading through it. Lissie once got dressed all by herself (I think she was about 3) and came down the stairs to announce: "I'm a rainbow!" Sure enough, she had every color of the rainbow on. And once when I was about 3 or 4 I was watering a flower and had noticed that there seemed to be more water in the vase than I had remembered putting in and decided my flower must have spit some of the water back out. Haha.
I love that my mom wrote down the sweet and funny things we'd say and do.
And so I'm trying to do the same for my kids.
And this list of Annabelle's "q u o t a b l e s" is really really long.


Anytime she senses it's time for her nap or time for bed she says: "Don't wanna take a map!"
When I ask her to go potty, and she's already gone, she replies: "I went go!" 
(I  l o v e  her own conjugation of verbs!)
She'll often walk into the room saying: "Pee-Prise!" (meaning: surprise!)
For a good little while she'd refer to her toothpaste and toothbrush as: "Pee paste and Butt Brush"
(not really sure where that came from, but it makes me laugh every. single. time.)
She loves to get her fingernails and toenails painted and will ask by saying: "Point ya noils, mama?"
She loves to sing and has at least 6 or 7 primary songs memorized.
When she wants you to repeat yourself she says: "What say me?"
She likes to quiz me on my animal noises. 
When she's trying to get Henry's attention she'll repeatedly go: "Buddy. Buddy Boy. Henry. Henry Boy." Until he looks up at her.
She pronounces Daddy/Dada as "Doddy/Daw Daw" 
Chapstick = Tockstick
When she's going potty she often says: "Mommy, no touch my poopy!" I have no idea why she's so concerned about me doing that.
She'll sometimes let me know that she has a "spicy poopy."
She  r e f u s e s  to go potty by herself, even though she can totally do it. Instead she'll stick pillows between her legs and dance around until I finally give in and help her. It's a daily battle.
She calls the "kitchen" a "chicken."
She once told me she was going to feed Henry milk from her boobie.
(Oh dear.)
Ever since she's been able to pray by herself this has been her prayer, without fail:
"Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you for mommy, daddy, Tom, Gus. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." I've since tried to teach her to include Henry, or the food, or her bed etc. So now when I say prayers she'll often correct me if I've forgotten Henry, the food, or my bed. It's great :)
When she's trying to get my attention she'll say: "Mommy! Listen! Mommy! Listen!"
When she wants me to turn the DVD player on in the car she always says: "Turn it hard."
(That one took me a while to catch on to.)
She walked into the bathroom the other day saying: "You gotta squeeze your poopies, mommy. Squeeeeeze! Mommy, get it out!" I wasn't even going to the bathroom.
If I ever call her "honey", she corrects me and says: "I not honey!"
She likes to shorten words and will call her "blankie" a "blank" instead.
 Obviously, blankie is much too long.
She likes to brush my hair (more like pull out my hair) with salad tongs and always finishes by saying: "That's better!" 
Thanks, sweetie ;)
Nine times out of ten she's dreamt about kitties or puppies when she wakes up.
She calls popcorn "crapcorn."
Everything is cute: the cereal box, me doing squats, me writing my grocery list, the mail, the breast pump, a case of water bottles. The list is endless. Literally.
As we've been getting ready for Aunt Lissie to come stay with us this summer, I asked her where she should sleep and she replied by saying: "In Grandma Lisa's arms!" Haha. 
Once while I was being silly with her she asked: "Um, I have a question. Are you cray cray?"
Whenever she finds Jake's deodorant, she puts it on.  E v e r y  t i m e.
Tape = "stick"
She heard some birds chirping one morning and said: "Mommy! Birdie is screaming! Aww."
While we were in Seattle she came up to me and out of nowhere said: "Mommy, I just wanna be so good!" (Did Mimi pay you to say that?! Music to my ears!!)
When she can't get off the potty she says: "I can't get my potty off!"
If she wants a little bit of cheese, or candy, or anything she'll say: "I have tiny bit bit bit?"
One day I told her how blue her eyes are and she said: "No, my eyes are pink!"
She sleeps with B (her panda) and baby Lissie every. single. night.

She is crazy, silly, and adorable.
And every day I'm thankful that she's mine.


  1. Seriously Emma, I laughed SO HARD! this is great :) She is hilarious!

  2. F U N N Y ! And such a long and comprehensive list. She's gonna love this when she's about 16!

  3. I laughed so hard at this! Well, silent laughter, because I am sitting in the same room that Joshua is napping in. I had to try so hard not to snort or laugh too loud. :)

  4. Hilarious! I miss that girl so much!

  5. This made me laugh so hard! I especially love "crapcorn"! haha. I love that you did this! I need to do it too!