Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Warm Weather

A couple weekends ago we kicked off the summer season at Josh&Ashley's house for a little Hermann birthday party. 
The kids took turns pushing each other on the swing, and Henry Boy pretty much owned the hammock. 
It made me wanna get a little baby hammock for his room - he  l o v e d  that thing. 
I also finally got a picture of what he does when I'm holding him: Rests his hand on the back of my head and gently plays with my hair. 
Stoppit. Melt my heart. I love you!
That little sweetheart also took a liking to his Uncle Matt, which is great. 
Because we're still trying to convince Annabelle that he's actually very nice. And not just tall and scary.
We grilled up some brats, drank pink lemonade, and had a huge bowl of the best chip dip. Ever.
I took a million pictures of my people, and not at all of any food.
But believe me, it was delicious.
We ended the night with a yummy ice cream cake and Happy Birthday wishes for our sweet Uncle Drew.
It was our first real summer night, and it was lovely.

Welcome, warm weather!


  1. Cutest little ones ever!! Such great photos :)

  2. Lovely pictures. And we need some of that warm weather in our part of the world! It's still cold and rainy :(

  3. Oh my gosh!! I seriously thought that very last picture of Henry was Annabelle! :) It was such a fun night I'm glad you captured all those sweet moments. And that photo of H playing with your hair kills me! Sweet post, Emma! :)

  4. Hey guess what??? I'm in Heidelberg and just ran into Bryant and will and Isabella at h&m (where else?). Of course they Bryant didn't recognize me... Someday we'll have to see each other again too!

    1. Oh my gosh! For reals? That is crazy!! Man, I wish I could go home. How long are you in Germany for? That is so so fun!! :)

    2. I'm here until the end of July, and then I'm moving to Seattle!