Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Notes She Wrote

Hey guys! My sisters and I started a blog together called: Notes She Wrote.
It's a blog about our different interests and hobbies. Marie posts on Mondays, Lauren on Tuesdays, I post on Wednesdays, and Lissie posts on Thursdays - and then we take turns doing vlogs every Friday!

I'm super excited about it and think it'll be an awesome way for us sisters to stay connected even though we're so spread out, and to share our interests with everyone. Come check it out here if you like photography, fashion, thrifting, cooking, music, dancing, diy projects, and tons more :)

Love you lots,



  1. I just checked it out...LOVE it! what a fantastic idea :) Can't wait to read your post tomorrow Emma :)

  2. Thanks guys :) I'm pretty excited about it too :)

  3. Can you believe we thought of this idea less than two weeks ago and we're already off and running? I'm so excited for your post tomorrow, too!

  4. I got an error to this page. I WANT to see your notes! Do I need an invitation?