Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Isabella & Annabelle

10 days in Seattle was not enough for these two. Bella is the greatest older cousin - she was constantly kissing and loving on Annabelle. So so sweet!

Every time Annabelle woke up from a nap, or came home from a Good Will run (yeah baby!), or Bella had just been playing outside, she would race over to Annabelle and tell her how cute she is followed by lots of kisses.

Annabelle loved the constant attention and we both miss our Bella tons.


  1. oh my gosh that is just so so sweet :) Bella really is the sweetest! and Annabelle is so so CUTE!!! I want to snuggle her again!!

  2. I know I'm partial, but holy cow, what cuties! I love that Bella loved the babies so much! :) I mean, seriously. How could she not?

  3. Bella must have been in heaven surrounded by ALL those babies last week. What great pictures!

  4. These are precious photos. The love of the mother's really shows in these photos. So much love to share!