Friday, June 3, 2011

Aunt LuLu

Aunt LuLu's one of our favorite Aunties and here are a couple of reasons why:

* She's beautiful
* She's a fashion-diva
* She's an incredible mother
* She loves all her sweet nieces and nephew
* She gives the best surprises
* But what I love most is the incredible example she's always been to me...

We love you, Aunt LuLu!
And thank you for taking such beautiful pictures of my baby...


  1. I think I need a copy of that last picture!!!

  2. wow Emma!! Thanks!! I feel flattered! I'm so glad to be your sister and that you're my sister too!! :) Thanks for the sweet post :)

  3. Oh so sweet! I love Lulu for all of those reasons too!

  4. I love your blog!! You family is so cute.

  5. Awww so sweet! I agree with all of the above!