Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Catch Up. Ketchup.

It has been one buuuusy summer.
And a really fun one too!
Here's to playing catch up:
I got to see Lauren mid August.
Next came Marie:
Marie's visit was super fun, and super exhausting at the same time.
She stayed with me for a week and literally had a photoshoot every.single.night!
But it was nice that she got to see all the family here in UT
and especially that we got to see our sweet grandparents.
We had such a fun visit with them:
-we took pictures.
-picnicked in their backyard w/ taco time's taco salads :)
-Annabelle got sprite for the first time. from grandpa!!
-grandma gave her a chocolate chip cookie! another first!
-we learned fun stories about our ancestors
-got to enjoy the beautiful tree in their backyard
-and mainly: made a perfect memory!
(I snatched these from Marie's post on Monday!)

It was so fun to have you come visit, Marie!
I loved having you.
especially our long car rides jamming out to T.S.
and Cafe Rio with the free quesadillas for the babes.
the good finds at Down East.
our 4am wakeup call.
the girls being car buddies. And loving it.
not cooking a meal. Once.
putting JuJu to bed. Even if she hated me at first. ;)
the moments we got to sit and relax. Haha!

It was a very memorable trip.
Next time: every day - spa day! ;)
I love you to pieces,


  1. I like that last picture. Glad you got to spend that busy week together!

  2. Your grandparents are so cute! Glad you got to spend some time with them :)

  3. That was the perfect recap. :) And your title is making me giggle!

    And last but not least, I need a MAKEOVER!

  4. I have your makeover pics and I almost posted them... should I?! :) They're super cute!!

  5. haha, then everyone can see how even MORE homeless I look. Seriously, in that last picture I look like I should be cast in the movie Napoleon Dynamite or something. :)

    I was actually thinking of using my before and afters on NSW next Monday...what do ya think?

  6. Yup, I just looked again. I look like Pedro's sister. :(

  7. Oh my GOSH! I thought you liked that picture - haha. You do NOT look like Pedro's sister. I'm sorry -- choose one you like and I'll replace it!! You are so funny.

  8. PS: Yes. Do your makeover pics on NSW next week :) I'll email 'em to you. Or do you have 'em?

  9. No, you don't have to change it! :) And yeah, if you can send me those pics, that would be awesome!

  10. awww I love those pics Emma!! Grandma and grandpa are so adorable and so is your baby and I LOVE your hair color!! gosh I love my sisters, you guys are too cute! I miss you! :)

  11. Haha, thanks Lu :) We soooo wished you coulda been there too! I am so excited to see you at Christmas!!!!