Monday, September 26, 2011

It's time to accept the inevitable... And get EXCITED!! :D

It's time.
We're only two months away and I've gotta stop moaning and groaning about it.
It's going to happen.
And it's gonna be a PARTY! :D

So from here on out, I'm EXCITED!
Little Tiny's turning ONE!


She's 10 months old today.
She still eats, sleeps, and poops like she did 10 months ago today.
It's crazy. I know.
And since then she's added a couple more (exciting) tricks.
* She blows kisses.
* Screams at unimaginable pitches.
* Dances.
* Laughs. 
* Loves books.
(Specifically grown-up books. 
And tearing the pages out)
* Sings.
* Still just has two teeth with which she eats everything.
* She's in the 7th % for weight.
And 29th for height.
* Her first sentence: "I love my Aunt Lissie!"
(You like that? :))
Again. Crazy. I know.
* She's still pretty bald, 
but baby that hair is comin'!
* And she's going to be one.
In two months.

Let the party planning begin:

Isn't that cake adorable?
I'm on the look-out for a cute cake platter like that. Oh and that boa?
You better count on it.
(Pssst: Attendees, notice how cute her presents are wrapped!)
juuust sayin' ;)

And this? On her bald head?
Wheeere's the camera?!
( Attached to my hip, of course!)

Those ribbons. 
That banner saying:
You're ONE!
Those adorable heart cake signs.
All going to be there.

And *gasp* THIS?
Helium pink balloons?
Minus the second baby?
And for anyone that's seen this cutest high chair, 
please - ship it to me.
Cause those pom poms and little ribbons?
They'll be present :)

It's been the very best 10 months of my life.
And to think I get to keep you forever:
You make me the happiest mommy alive!



  1. looks like its gonna be a fun party! and your photography skills are amazing!! keep up the good work!

  2. i can't believe she's only a month older than our girl. i really thought there was more space between them. yay for parties! oh and your pictures are looking so good. it's making me want to do a photo shoot with my little smiler.

  3. Noted:
    *I will be sure that my gift wrapping is top-notch!
    *I am sooooo excited for her bday!
    *You are a fantastic mother!
    *The baby balloons and cake picture I LOVE!
    *And the party hat/headband tops it all off! Adorbs!

    Ps. I'll probably be asking for your help with planning Maddys birthday seeing how you are so good at it and all.:)

  4. Looks like it's going to be a wonderful party. Happy ten months, Annabelle!

  5. I can't wait for this party!! There's going to be one in WA at Christmas-time, right? :)

  6. I love-love-love this!!! It's so fun to see you plan her special FIRST birthday!! :D I can't help but love her blue eyes- daddy's color, but they have that gorgeous shape and expression of her beautiful mother! I love you x

  7. sooo exciting! I can't believe she'll be ONE!!! I love all these ideas you've found. I lol-ed when you said you wanted to do the first time eating chocolate cake photo shoot (minus the other baby!) That's a great idea!! :)

  8. Crystal -- Thank you! :)
    Gina -- Where do you live? I'd love to practice my photog on your gorgeous little Belle :)
    Ash -- Adorbs? Haha! I am so using that now :)
    Mom & Marie -- There will DEFINITELY be a celebration at Christmas.
    Adeline -- I love you! I can't wait to see you once we get to CA! :)
    Lu - Haha. I'll let Cole be the "other" baby at Christmas time :)

  9. That's right. ;) I love my Annie!
    Your party ideas are so dang cute! I wish I could be there!

  10. Oh and she totally looks like you in that adorable last picture, Em! Gosh, I can't wait to see you all at Christmas!!!!!

  11. Really? She looks like ME?! :) Mmm. I like hearing that.
    And we'll totally have another party at Christmas time so you guys can be there too!