Sunday, September 25, 2011

Family Photos. Gone Bad.

Remember that daddy-daughter shoot I was so looking forward to?
The one where Annabelle was gonna smile her guts out, and be cutesy-go-happy in her daddy's arms.
Just dreamy.

Here's how it went down:
1. Got every jingly toy and treat packed up.
Gotta keep the babe's attention.
2. Packed tiny girl's clothes - Made sure I had every hair accessory that could possibly match.
3. Timed the naps juuust right. Baby's gotta be well-rested. This is KEY.
4. Drove to location and got the guts up to ask stranger if I can shoot on their property. (Be ready for refusal.)
5. Request granted. Time for set up.
(Remember those creativity juices?)
6. Let them flow.
7. (I wasn't prepared for this step):
Be ready for 600 shots like this:

(OOh, yes. Wave at the camera! And sling shot that bow right off your head! PERFECT!)



and praise the heavens, this:
Gosh. Adorable right?

Yes. I wanna scream too, sweet tiny one!!

But then you get this face.
And you can just tell she's regretting that adorable outburst.

And she looks up and gives you this.
Sigh. We're getting closer...

OH, you like those peaches? 
This might work.

Mmm. Finally. A smile!!!!

Holy COW! Talk about gah!!! 
I'm not sure why I thought this shoot would be easier.
I was honestly ready to cry on the drive home.
Haha. I was just so frustrated!

But it was good for me.
I learned a lot and have 100x more respect for what Marie does!
((That girl is un-der-paaaaid!))
She's amazing.

And inspiring.
And my life will go on.

Next daddy-daughter shoot should go better.
(Oh please keep your finger's crossed!!!)

I mean, the chances of this happening twice are slim.


Sweet Dreams.


  1. Even the grouchy face pictures you will want to save for later just captures all the different sides of her. I didn't save a lot of those for Emma and looking back it looks as though she was an angel baby...not true according to my journals! :) A collage would be fun with all the different expressions! Some of my favorite pictures of Max are of his tantrums because it's real...he isn't roses and smiles all the time and I love capturing the real him! They all looked great! You are doing awesome with your new talent!

  2. Emma!! You are hilarious! So funny! And Annabelle looks beautiful! I love her outfit. I have to agree with Tiffany, even the frowny ones are absolutely adorable. Your baby is too cute for words! Next time will be better! :) Love you!

  3. Those pictures are actually very cute. Annabelle is probably just wondering why you think acting crazy while pointing a camera at her is supposed to be fun . . . she just needs more practice!

  4. hahaha EMMA! You CRACK ME UP!!! Seriously this was so funny.... And I also agree with Tiff! I think they are all cute.... and that first one is priceless!

    Is this that orchard you were telling me about? Its soooo pretty!

    I pretty much love the heck outta you! :)

  5. Oh thanks everyone :) I guess these will be funny to look back on.. haha. And mom, you're probably right! She just needs more practice in front of that black thing... she'll eventually learn to love it! :)

  6. I absolutely love ALL of these! In fact, I would totally make a collage or something out of them and hang it up. People will enjoy them!