Monday, March 5, 2012

Dinner at the Park!

Today was the best preview for what spring is going to bring:

Trips to the park, going on walks so she can explore, and lots and lots of pictures :)

This little boy ran around yelling: "Attack the baby!"
Luckily that just meant pat her on the head.
He also let me know she was going to be a girl. Just like me. :)

I brought her a peanut butter sandwich, but she was sneaky and ate bark instead!

She doesn't let me feed or carry her anymore. 
She only wants to drink out of a cup with a straw.
Her shaky walk is quickly turning into a run.
And whenever she's done something naughty, she quickly gives me a tight hug and says: "Aww!"

I have a feeling the terrible two's are gonna make my hair fall out.

But lucky for her those tight squeezes  can make up for just about anything she does :)


  1. Man, she's cute! And that "attack the baby!" bit made me laugh. :) Beautiful pictures, too!

  2. So much fun watching her grow up through your blog Em! I love the photos of her playing. She looks just like her daddy when he was that little! Makes me miss him! Love you guys.

  3. So cute :) I wish I could have dinner in the park with you guys! :)

  4. Emma!! Why have I not seen these posts? The part about the boy saying "attack the baby" is hilarious! She is such a doll! Love that girl :)