Friday, March 30, 2012

Jakey Daves & SueBelle

During our visit to Grand Junction last weekend I found this adorable tricycle in the backyard. I knew there was a baby picture of Jake somewhere on a similar little bikeWanting to replicate the same picture I plopped our little SueBelle onto the one I'd found.
What I didn't know is that she would look in the same direction as Jake's old baby picture, have the same little grin, and hold onto the handle bars pretty much the exact same way.

She is her daddy's girl!

Saturday night Sue snapped this sweet picture while we were sitting around the fire pit. I don't have enough pictures of me and my girl, so I'll cherish this one forever!


  1. Aww these are so adorable!! And I really love that last one of you and A. You should frame it :) She looks just like her daddy :)

  2. COME BACK and I will take MANY more pictures of you and SueBelle! I love you girls so much.