Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cuddles & Books

Does it feel like this week has been one big long weekend to any of you? For some reason I keep thinking it's Friday, or almost Saturday.

And then my Zumba class reminds me: It's only Wednesday!

Regardless, this so-called "week" has been filled with lots of cuddles & books.
The girl has an ear infection, which means she's been super snuggly and lovey-dovey.

Hopefully she'll be feeling better by the real weekend.


  1. So cute! :) I hope her ear infection goes away fast!

  2. awww those pictures are so so cute! But that's no fun that she has an ear infection :( poor thing! I hope she feels better soon!

  3. That first picture is to-die-for! I hope Annabelle feels better soon! And is that a little pony tail I see in her hair? :) Cute, cute!

  4. Sorry to hear that Annabelle has been sick. It's always nice to have some cuddle time though.