Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bed Head

It's really exciting to me!
She wakes up with those baby strands going every which way, and it reminds me her hair is growing!! 
It's long enough for bed head! That is saying something. :)

While I want her hair to grow grow grow, I wish she would slow down a bit. She's been acting so mature lately. Like I'm not allowed to feed her anymore. Any time I try, she gives me this look like I'm embarrassing her or something. Shouldn't I have another decade and a half before I get that look? And that headband? Yeah, she went to the bathroom, rummaged through our drawers and came to breakfast looking like a diva.
I mean, it matches her outfit & high chair. She obviously knew what she was doing.

I was impressed :)

PS: Backwards pajamas are a no-go.
Found her little bum cheeks in her crib this morning.
She's outsmarted us.


  1. haha, how cute! That is quite impressive about the matching headband, and her bed head is awesome. :) And if it makes you feel any better Juliette is back to stripping and peeing in her crib. Last night I made sure to put her in pajamas that she couldn't get out of, and I was right, she couldn't get out of them, but she still took her diaper off. It's like they're sister cousins or something. :)

    1. Are you serious? Haha. I"m so sorry. I definitely feel your pain. Annabelle knows how to take her diaper off even when her jammies are still on. Those silly girls. Hopefully they'll snap out of it soon! Hehe :)

  2. Oh my gosh!! Emma this is just tooo funny! She is just so dang cute!! I love her bed-head too and how she takes off her pjs?!? soo funny!! I'm sure this will be happening to me soon and I won't think it's so funny anymore ;)

  3. Very cute bedhead and headband! And there just must be something about those diapers that is too annoying for sleep!