Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Father's Day breakfast. I think I could eat this every day!! 
I love seeing Annabelle run out the front door screaming "Daddy!" when he gets home. And then watching her give each of his cheeks a kiss.
He's taught her how to fake snore, and that every one of her owies needs a kiss to feel better. He tickles her back all the time, and by the blank look on her face we know she loves it. :)
And Father's Day weekend she got her own personal ride down the slip 'n slide.

He adores her. And she adores him.
And I feel so blessed to call them my family :)


  1. pretty pictures, emma!! And that breakfast looks DElicious!! And that is so cute how she runs out saying daddy. Cole loves it when Steve gets home too. I'm pretty sure he gets bored with me all day long :/

  2. Haha I love Laurens comment cause thats just how Maddy is too :) This is so sweet! Happy late Fathers day to Jake! And I want that breakfast... like now!! hehe ;)

  3. That breakfast! You're killing me. I'm supposed to get on the elliptical (right now/wanna chat?), but now all I want to do is eat your blog. Cute, cute post. Love you guys!

  4. This was a fun post, Emily. Happy Father's Day, Jake!

  5. I actually got to BE AT THE BREAKFAST...It WAS DELISH! Thanks for sharing Father's day with us Em...We had a wonderful time!