Friday, June 8, 2012

Really Cute Little Babies

On our walk to feed the ducks, we tried to do a little photoshoot of these girls in their cute swimsuits.

It was really hard.

We basically can't wait til these girls understand the concept of bribery. Cause I will buy buckets of candy just to get some cooperation.

But for now we'll let them be babies. Really cute little babies :)


  1. SO cute! I love every single one. The candid shots are always my favorite anyway. :)And holy cute suit. I've been on Janie and Jack this afternoon, thanks to you!

  2. Oh my gosh these are just too cute! I especially love the stroller one! And that swimsuit is adorable!! Loved playing with you guys! :)

  3. And ps I'm all for bribing with buckets of candy! Anything for a great pic right? :)

  4. These are all very cute, even without the bribery!