Wednesday, June 6, 2012

She's Everything Perfect!

She sits perfectly still when I paint her finger/toenails.

Anytime she sees a picture on the camera, she says: "Aww!"

Her all-time favorite food is Ramen.

She's obsessed with buckling her high chair.

She tears off her diaper just about any time of day. And then pees wherever she is.

Every time I go into her room to see why she's crying, she immediately stops and goes: 
"Shh! Shh!" 
(still trying to figure out what that one means...)

She loves to sing and lead the music in sacrament meeting.

She is 100% in love with her bestie: Gus.

She thinks she's a big kid and insists on sitting in a human chair at the table.

She loves rap and hip hop. Anything with a heavy beat gets her little body movin'.

She tells me she's "all done" eating, and as soon as I go to pick her up, she grabs as many handfuls of food as she can. In case it's her last meal, I guess.

She loves to change her clothes and shoes 10x a day.

Everyday she lifts up my shirt, kisses my belly, and says: "Hi baby!"
Then as she's covering it back up, she says: "Bye bye!"

Whenever she's tired she grabs her blankie and runs to her room yelling: "Nigh-Nigh!"

Randomly throughout the day she'll fold her arms and start saying a prayer.

She knows how to fake snore.

If she sees something she wants she will say: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah..." until she gets it.

Any type of animal is a puppy and says "woof woof".
Except Turtle - She's finally been introduced to cats.

One of the only times she'll sit still is if you're putting makeup on her. Oh boy, does she think she wears mascara everyday.

She shrieks in disbelief and gives me an "Oh-no-you-di'nt" face every time I take something away from her.

She likes to cuddle in my arms while drinking her milk every morning.

She points to the fireplace if you ask her where Santa lives.

She officially has all her teeth.

She says:"Wo, Two, Freeee" anytime she's about to jump off of something.
(We're really grateful for the warning too!)

To me she's everything perfect, and I'm so grateful she's mine!


  1. Oh my gosh Emma, I just laughed SO HARD at this post!! She is too too cute and I miss her so much!! That is so cute how she says hi to the baby!! :)

    1. Haha!! I love that you think she's so funny... We miss you SOOO much too!!

  2. Awww I love that little girl so much! It's so fun to watch their personalities grow every day! So adorable! :)

  3. This was straight up hilarious. Can you please post every day? I was laughing so hard! Her little personality is to die for. And I want to see her with her bestie. I don't think I've ever seen a photo of Gus, and I hear about him all the time! K, I'm gonna go read it again. You're funny, Em. Well, you're both really funny is more like it. Love you.

    1. K, I have Gus all day tomorrow - it'll be a bestie photoshoot! :)

  4. She is so cute and funny! We need a skype date soon!

  5. So cute! And your high chair is amazing. That would match perfectly in my kitchen. Where did you get it? And... you're pregnant?? Yay, congrats.

    1. Yes! We're having another baby :) And I found the high chair on ksl for about $40.00 and then spray painted it for her 1st bday. And it honestly wasn't that hard. Just took a couple of hours.

  6. This is an adorable post! I wish I lived closer so I could know her more! She is just a doll! Like her Mama!

    1. Oh, so do we!! Definitely need to plan another Oregon trip soon!